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Jeremy Molina
Blogging about technology and other associated interesting things.

People want to know when you open and how long you read their email. Let me help you recover your privacy.

An eye looking at you
An eye looking at you

Nowadays, many people are using some sort of email open/reading tracker, the worst part of this is that they believe that they are entitled to know this without your consent

This is far from being a good practice and it is a high invasion of your privacy; many of those emails are from senders you didn’t even want to receive email from in the first place.

This kind of tracking is called Pixel Tracking. …

Both platforms are great for storing your documents and many other things, but what is the best option in 2021? Let’s find out.

Someone typing on a Keyboard on a desk
Someone typing on a Keyboard on a desk

There is no perfect solution, it doesn’t matter if it is paid or “free” [The Price of “Free” Online Services] yet, there are good alternatives for storing your documents, photos, and various files that you need to keep somewhere on the Internet.

We are going to go through some of the reasons Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive (which is part of Microsoft 365) are the best two options for the mainstream market.

Note: There are many other options but those are not as multi-platform as these two are.

Google One

If you are debating between buying a Laptop or a Tablet you landed into the right article. Let me help you choose.

Someone using a tablet and a laptop
Someone using a tablet and a laptop

There is no device that will be able to do all the things you want. 2-in-1 devices have not been able to replace solely designed devices.

If you are dabbling between buying one device or the other let me help you decide what is best for you.

First and foremost, tablets have always been that weird device that many people like and want but it does not work as a smartphone or as a laptop, but is also great for some weird reason. Anyway, here are the reasons:

When to pick up a Tablet?

  1. You cannot afford a powerful (expensive) laptop, but you need superior performance

Relaunching a blog is never easy, but I have been working hard on making the transition as smoother as possible. Follow me now on Medium.

New Platform letters
New Platform letters

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m relaunching the Blog into a new platform (Medium) today.

The idea behind this migration is to spend less time in maintaining services and servers and reduce the cost of running them; this will help me focus more in creating quality content instead maintaining servers.

Some of the improvements you will notice are:

🆕 New comments system

🆕 New blog design

🆕 New free Newsletter; subscribe from the blog top menu

🆒 More stylish logo

🆒 Self-explanatory thumbnails/feature images

🆙 Refactored Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profile

⭐ I have polished and optimized the current blog posts; less…

Gmail is king in email but is there any other innovative free options? Let me share with you some alternative free options.

Gmail logo on an smartphone and post headline
Gmail logo on an smartphone and post headline

Gmail is one of the most famous email platforms, it dethroned the long death king Hotmail — Hotmail still exists but is not what most people uses nowadays — The simplicity of the design and the exceptionally reliable email delivery system that it offers, for free is outstanding.

Remember: It is not free, Google mine your data.

But the King, even though strong, is falling behind new competitors that offers better integration, new and more innovative features that seems to never be coming to Gmail; this can change, but as of now there is report of any incoming changes to…

We have been debating about what mobile Operative System is better. What should you pick?

Two smartphones back and the post headline
Two smartphones back and the post headline

Terrific times and a longtime battle the Android vs iOS debate has taken from all the bloggers, news writer, social media, business, etc. There are millions of posts related to this topic, but I would like to take a different approach that no other writers have taken before.

I am not going to be subjective; I will say that everybody should use whatever they like the most, there is not right or wrong argument simply diverse needs and opinions.

So, we all should stop the train wrecked about which one is better because each one will be in different scenarios…

There is a zillion of WhatsApp alternatives, let’s discovered a few better options.

A photo of a smartphone messaging applications and the post headline
A photo of a smartphone messaging applications and the post headline

By now you probably know that I’m not a fan of Facebook or any of their products, you won’t surprise you to know that I don’t use WhatsApp. But why?

There are few reasons I don’t use or like WhatsApp; they don’t care about innovation; Privacy, what privacy, it’s a Facebook owned product and the worst of all the things it has is the “convenience” it offers.

I don’t like the “convenience” of anyone to have my number and feel entitle to message me 24 x 7; I don’t like the convenience of sending terrible picture quality (read my post…

Streaming is changing the world causing this technology to be on a dying path. What Streaming options we have?

A girl and a boy looking into a tv screen sit in a sofa and the post headline
A girl and a boy looking into a tv screen sit in a sofa and the post headline

We all had a friend who had Cable TV and who could watch MTV, Cartoon Network, and CNN. However, in the last few years the Cable TV market has been dying; this is because people are not watching TV anymore and Streaming services are taking over.

Some of the reasons Cable TV is dying is because the technology is expensive to maintain, ads space is incredibly expensive and new generations aren’t watching TV and it’s likely that you are part of the generation that have moved to social media and other Streaming platforms.

So, not everything is lost; Streaming is…

Your smartphone is a mini camera, but this convenience has a price, your photo quality is worse than you think.

Someone taking a photo of his/her plate before eating to share in social media and the post headline
Someone taking a photo of his/her plate before eating to share in social media and the post headline

Pockets now have cameras, yes, your phone is a mini camera that can capture good, funny, interesting moments; however, its convenience have a price.

Convenience is humans most common flaw, we will, always, choose convenience rather than anything else.

Before we used to hire a stranger that makes us stay still for hours to capture a “beautiful” family photo that only your parents will love. Thankfully, those days are over, and technology is moving so rapidly that we have cameras on our pockets now.

Anyway, coming back to 2021, your phone can capture beautiful (mediocre) photos, you don’t require special…

Music is not only about having the best headphones but also about the service. What Streaming options we have?

A profesional headset and an audio DAC with post headline
A profesional headset and an audio DAC with post headline

Before we discuss having a good pair of headphones but not everything is about headphones, it’s also about the music service that you decide to use.

One caviar, there are two categories; [1] the Apps that are extremely popular, and [2] those that offer the best music quality.

Let’s start by introducing first a few aspects which will help us understand this topic.

Define: Quality music

Most people play music without knowing that the all the mainstream music services offer a very average (poor) quality music which improve music online streaming bandwidth consumption but sacrifices, quality-wise the song that you’re streaming.

This may…

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